Monday, September 14, 2009

Since the 80's are Back

Happy Monday!

Mondays are not a friend of mine, for some unknown reason. I always seem to have a meltdown in the first few minutes to hour after I wake up. It's like the stress of the entire upcoming week hits me all at once and I go into panic mode. I see a destroyed house from the weekend, I have one kid telling me to wipe her booty and the other clinging to my leg saying "mamamamama" (no I don't think she knows what she's saying just yet) and I let it get to me. I have a Rx for Xanax ( lowest dose available) and on days like these, I seriously would love to take one if it would calm me down, but I of course am stubborn and don't. It gets better after I get them fed, pack Miss Priss' lunch for school and throw some clothes on myself. The remainder of the day is usually decent. Lots of cleaning, diaper changes, rocking, searching for misplaced paci's, and of course.. computer time.

The reason for my rushing around on Monday's is that Miss Priss goes to Mother's Day Out every Mon and Wed. We're always at least 45 minutes late. At least this morning, we had a good excuse. All three of us slept in. Yay!! I'll take that any day.

Our usual scurring around started. Only today was particularly difficult because Care Bear has been sick(yep, I used past tense. She's had no fever since yesterday morn!!) and she has grown comfortable with being held 24-7, so she was screaming every time I put her down! Then, I had to straighten Miss Priss' hair because it is so wavy and frizzy. It looks disheveled and gross if I don't. After that, I had to run downstairs to feed them breakfast because both of them were starving. While they were eating, I packed MP's lunch and tried to wolfe down a piece of GFree toast. I put Barney on and ran upstairs(btw Care Bear was in her walker already done eating) to get some clothes on. Jeans and a plain pink T is what I came out with. I looked int he mirror and my hair was a wreck!! I was to lazy to dry my hair after showering last night, so it was stood on end this morning. I grabbed what I could find and it just so happened to be a big, ugly, yellow scrunchy. Yes, I said it.. a scrunchy.

I have not worn a scrunchy in public since I was approximately eight years old. Even then, they were neither cute nor in style, but I didn't care then because I was a big tomboy. From what i've learned over the years, they were popular in the eighties. So, I thought about that for a minute this morning, then reassured myself that it'd be fine. I'd be "in." The reason being, when shopping at the mall last week I saw some hideous, tacky looking clothes that looked like they jumped right off of a eighties hairband groupy! I realized the 'eighties' are back.

So, since the eighties are back.. I bet I looked really trendy dropping my daughter off at Mother's Day Out in my big, ugly, yellow scrunchy.


Ashley September 14, 2009 at 11:37 AM  

hahaha. You are fierce. You crack me up! You should see me. I'm in blue corona pants and one of Mitchs army tees with my hair up. So, If the "grugy" 80s are back... then I'm doing well ;)

Kickin' Kari September 14, 2009 at 11:49 AM  

yea, 80's are making a come back with the leggings, bright colors, and bushy eyebrow look. I personally am not a fan but I have seen some people totally rock the look and it looks great on them. I think I am too small to pull it off. I look like a little girl in her Mom's old clothes!! LOL.

My Monday didnt get off on a great start either but its getting better.

Hope you have a GREAT week!!

Kelly September 14, 2009 at 1:57 PM  

I agree with you, Monday's aren't my friend either! Your family is adorable! You make very cute bow too, I just might have to put in an order, I definitely can't make them as well as you. :)

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