Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Continuance

When I first came to post this, I thought how happy I was to not have to go through that "What should my first post be?" thought process, but then I realized I went through it anyway. It's such an awkward post where noone knows what to say. After putting much(10 seconds at the most) thought into it, I decided it would just be named the Continuance..

I want this blog to reflect my everyday life (ie "Life As a Mom at 23" that is so weird to type rather than 21!) My girls will be the main part of this blog, but we will keep intimate details private. Even their names will not be mentioned in this blog. I want to keep our lives as private as possible without having to be "private" I enjoy the interaction between the bloggy world and myself. I love getting to know other bloggers and seeing their families and comparing them to mine. I hope that I will fall in love with this blog as I did my previous one. It's just a fresh start with a new outlook on things.

Hope to see ya around.. :)


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