Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spaghetti and Fish...Together?!

We have supper at my grandma's every Wednesday night. Last night we had fried catfish, fried potatos, coleslaw, and everyone else had baked beans and hush puppies {not me because they both contained wheat} Over our dinner, my grandma told us about the conversation she had with the man at the fish counter at Kroger.

He said "I married a Yankee. We went up there one time and her family was cooking fish and spaghetti..together."
Gma "Together?? Well, they just don't know how to eat up there."
Him "I know. Noone up there fries fish and potatos. I did figure out why they did the fish with the spaghetti though. They gave everyoen a tiny piece of fish and a big heap of spaghetti so everyone would get full on the spaghetti because the fish is so expensive."

LOL!! You have to remember this was two elderly people discussing people in the south versus people in the north. They're old school, you know. I just think it's funny that my grandma said people up there don't know how to eat. Whereas I think most people in the north eat much more healthy than us here in the south. She is so not worried about healthy foods though. she eats what she wants, when she wants. Forget about a diet or giving up her 5 daily Mountain Dews and steaks, burgers, and chicken fried-in-an-inch-of-oil .

I for one, would love to go north someday and just try out all the neat foods i've never heard of. Although, i'm still not sure why so many love clam chowder and hot dogs off the street. Those both sound yuck-O! Oh yes and the fish and spaghetti combo totally disgusts me. Maybe that was just that man's in laws thing because i've never heard of that.


Kickin' Kari October 29, 2009 at 10:42 AM  

haha i've never heard of fish and spaghetti together either! thats funny.
one thing i miss from the Pacific Northwest is clam chowder from Pikes Place Market in a sour dough bread bowl!! oh yum!! I wont eat clams straight..::gag:: but I love me some clam chowder!!

and no way would i eat hotdogs off the street...that sounds like asking for e-coli on a bun..LOL

London October 29, 2009 at 11:00 AM  

I love clam chowder, and I've even sampled a hot dog of the street in NYC!

I've got the best of both worlds, my parents are Yankees and my IL's are true Southerners. I love my mom's untradtional cooking (she loves any foreign foods) and I love my MIL's comfort food. They really do eat differently up here in the Northeast. We go to Wed. night suppers at the school and they almost always have a vegetarian option (which would be unheard of in the South!) Although one night they tried to go Southern and make pulled pork and coleslaw, it was NOT good!

Anyway, I guess my family gets the best of both worlds too, I cook Yankee stuff and Southern stuff!

Also, here in New Haven down by the school, you can get anything from a cart/street vendor. Falafal, thai food, greek food, bagels, burritos and of course, hot dogs!

Pam October 29, 2009 at 11:58 AM  

Fish and Spaghetti? Not common up here! I've lived in New England my whole life and I have never seen it on a plate or on a menu! Oh, my clam chowder, so yummy! It's creamy and has veggies, clams and a bread bowl, one of the best winter meals!

I'm intrigued, what do you want to try that you've heard of before?

Aaron October 29, 2009 at 6:07 PM  

i live in Seattle and I've never heard of fish and spaghetti together. I would say a typical meal for us is some lean meat, like chicken breast or fish, and steamed veggies, baked potato, and maybe some bread. We eat a lot of seafood I guess, because it's local. I've never had okra or hush puppies or a lot of other southern dishes. I do like to try new foods though. We do try to eat healthy and we eat a lot of organic food up here. Our biggest vice here in the Northwest is probably our love of mochas and lattes! You really ought to try to come visit this area someday. You would really get a kick out the Seattle area. We have a lot of cultural variety in our cuisine.

Molly October 29, 2009 at 11:59 PM  

I am a southern girl who married a yankee. I was blown away by the differenet foods they ate there! I must say, hot dogs from a street cart in NYC, (covered is saurkraut) is DELISH!

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