Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Thoughts for Thursday

First of all, i'm loving the new Blogger reminder things. Sorry no idea what that is called, but when I go to type in a familiar title, it has it saved for me.

It's been a busy December. I can't even believe Christmas is 8 days away..yeesh! Where did October and November go?? I've had tons of Bow orders (thankfully), we've done many crafts, and i've been trying to squeeze a daily run in for the passed week. I didn't get to today and I feel like a slob. I guess that's part of my life long eating disorder..ack.

Miss Priss has stayed the passed two nights with my grandma. I miss her SO much more than I ever thought possible. It's loud and crazy when she's here, but it's lonely when she isn't. I can't wait to go scoop her up tomorrow morning. The reason she has stayed is because CB has been running a low grade fever and been increasingly whiny and clingy. It's exhausting. I'm praying that she's teething and not sick.

Do you know what stinks? Not literally stinks, but "stinks." Reruns. Most of my favorite shows are over until next year. {wink..i love saying that} The one good thing is that I've been watching The Vampire Diaries reruns and I love them! I'm totally sucked into that show now and can't wait for new episodes.

Next Wednesday, I have two appts. One is a visit to the salon and the other to the Optometrist. I'm excited about both of them. I really really really want to go darker with my hair. Something like a chestnut, warm, rich brown color, but i'm such a chicken. We'll see what I do. It's also time for my annual Optometrist visit. I'm finally getting new glasses. I haven't gotten new ones since I was 16! Ha. My vision has changed so much in seven years. I'll show you tomorrow how I wear those glasses now.

Finally Friday tomorrow. So happy. We're doing nothing this weekend. Every penny counts this time of year. Hopefully they'll be some good Christmas specials on the teev. Have a great weekend everyone.


Carrie77 December 22, 2009 at 10:56 AM  

I am getting new glasses next week, I can't wait to pick them out. I usually wear contacts, so my glasses are from my senior year of high school still! lol! I can't wait to see what you do with your hair and what glasses you select.

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