Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Thoughts for Thursday

I swear I typed this on Thurs night, but it's just getting published. It's a good thing because Care Bear is laid up in my lap drinking her bottle , making it very difficult to type.

This is probably old news, but I don't have cable so I was excited when I was at my grandma's and saw the "Death Cab for a Cutie's" premiere of New Moon. It's the first I've seen of anything that movie. It was exactly how I pictured it while reading the book {remember, I just finished New Moon a couple months ago} The only thing I didn't picture in the book was Edwards head floating by her in all of the dangerous incidences. I thought she just heard his voice.

The weather was everything Fall and fabulous for the most part of the week, but then yesterday it went back to 82 degrees!! =( Ugh! I was in a grumpy mood because I loathe hot weather and I got teased into thinking the cool breezes were here to stay.

Speaking of weather, I have a booth in a craft show tomorrow and I pray that the rain will cease.

You know what really bugs me? People that spell definitely "definantly." Now, I know I don't take the time to spell check everything on my blog, but I was huge into English and Grammar classes in schools. It was my favorite subject. So when I see that word spelled that way, it drives me insane. Honestly, I think the majority are people from the south because that's how we pronounce it. haha!

On to TV shows..
I'm still in love with Castle, Melrose Place, and the Mentalist. Everything is else is just so so. I don't kow what my deal is, but i'm not watching any reality shows this fall! That's not like me at all.

I have a few more new products from PrissyMiss Boutique that i'll reveal on Monday. {Oh and JenFen(I know you're not a contest!) and Lara, your clips will ship on Tuesday} All of my other orders will ship Tues as well.

Care Bear has another Opthamologist appt at Children's Tuesday. I'm nervous about this one because they will possibly be letting us know if she needs surgery for her Strabismus. In my opinion, it has improved since getting her glasses, but then again when she doesn't have them on for a while, it begins to turn in again. =( Anyway just say a quick prayer for her on Tues.

Dang, I gotta cut it short..err shorter than I wanted! It's lightening and made my comp flash. {yes I do have a surge protector, but still!!}


Janet October 9, 2009 at 2:33 PM  

I hear ya about definantly. That one and congradulations drives me batty!

I hope the rain stays away and you do well on your booth! I will pray for good news at Care Bear's appt on Tuesday!

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