Monday, November 9, 2009

Con {Wo}Man

I'm sorry, I thought I had a 3.5 year old living in my house. I think I may be wrong. Apparentley, I gave birth to an adult with years of life experience.

Experience in the life of a Con Woman.

While playing in the floor this afternoon, Miss Priss decided she wanted to play with the toy Care Bear had, but knew she couldn't take it away. So what did she do? She bribed her sweet gullable little sister with a different toy.
"Here CB, look at this telephone. It's cool, watch *beep beep beep*"
CB takes the phone and lets her toy drop to the floor, then *snatch!!* it's gone. CB never noticed, but I did! I instantly told MP that there was a better way of getting a toy that you want. WAIT. Don't bribe! lol.

No, i'm joking.. that isn't what I told her, but I wanted to. I told her "CareBear was playing with that toy. That means she was having fun with it. You know when you're having fun with a toy? {Insert head shaking by MP} Well you wouldn't want her taking your toy would you? {No} Okay then, just wait your turn and you'll get to play with it too." {Hmph}

That's not all though.

If Miss Priss is being told to take a nap or pick something up etc.. etc.. She will say "Moma, I want a big hug." with arms outstretched and a huge smile on her face.
Ohmigosh. Who taught her that?! Who says no to a big hug? I don't.


Steph November 9, 2009 at 9:36 PM  

OMG Konnor tells me at least 5X a day that he is "just so saaaaad" UGH For a while it would get me, but now he is always coming down stairs saying IM so sad...I just dont want to take a nap...or Im just so sad...I want some candy...all while hanging his head..I swear they are so funnY!!

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