Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bond of Sisters

I'm not talking about my super cute sister girls, i'm talking about my very own sister. My dad's older daughter.{He actually has two, but I only talk with this one}

I was told about them my entire life, but never met them. It was a big deal, a long story if you will. They married young, had two kids, her parents disapproved, they divorced, he was told never to come around again and he complied. Stupid, yes very, but that was his way of dealing.

I'm almost certain I will never understand his logic, but I respect him because he was an amazing dad to me and he talked about them non stop. He loved them very much and missed them with every fiber of his body. But he was to bull headed to look for them and apologize when they were grown. He always kept up with them though. He had many of his friends and family keeping him up to date on how they were.
I always wanted to know about my long lost half sisters. I was an only child to my mom and dad, so I wanted a sibling more than anything. I had seen pictures of them when I was young. Some pictures my dad had from when they were still married, then some cut outs I find in the newspaper of my sister playing softball etc..

When I was 18 I worked at a cafe and one of my customers took my breath away. I looked at her and knew it was my sister! She looked just like my dad. It was so surreal. I told her who I was and she laughed and said "HI" then went on with her day not saying much more. I was heart broken because I wanted to know them so badly, but they obviously didn't want to get to know me.
Fast forward to 2007 when I was 21. My mom saw the same sister (the younger of the two) in Chili's, where my mom is a waitress, and got her number. She said she wanted to talk to me and get to know me. So we finally talked on the phone and setup a meeting. We all met at the same cafe where I first saw her. It was very neat! I don't know a good word to use, but it seemed so natural. It wasn't awkward, other than them referring to all of "our" biological dad as "your dad" when they spoke of him. You see, they hadn't seen him since they were 4 and 2 and wanted nothing to do with him. They had a deep hatred for him, understandably. But I love my dad. He was always there for me, so it was hard for me to hear them talk about him, but I got through it. We didn't speak again for a year or so. In that time, the older sister decided she didnt' want anything to do with me, but the younger one definitely wanted a relationship with me. I was thankful!
We talk all the time now and have become great friends. We see each other more as friends than sisters, but that's okay. At least she is in my life now. It's very strange to see yourself in someone else other than your parents. She is 32 and I am 23, so there is a big age gap, but we get along fine. I hope to always keep her in my life.

This is she and I in September.
And this was this passed weekend. Her name is Traci. My older sister looks nothing like either of us in my opinion. Her name is Shauna. Traci's fiance tells her that she and I look more like than she and Shauna and they have the same mom! Lol..weird!

Here is a picture of my dad with Care Bear back in September. See the resemblance?


Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too December 20, 2009 at 5:20 PM  

oh my gosh girl that is amazing! that is so great that yall have become such good friends! I love care bears pony tail in that pic--how cute is that!

Shannon December 20, 2009 at 6:02 PM  

I see a resemblance in you too but a big one in her and your dad!

Joanna December 21, 2009 at 12:09 PM  

I'm so glad that you two have kept in touch. It's nice to have that connection. You guys do look a lot alike too.

Lynna December 22, 2009 at 3:01 PM  

Wow Kaycee...your story sounds a lot like mine. I have an older brother and didn't find out about it until I was in Jr. High. We used to be in constant contact, but he married and moved and slowly lost touch. It didn't help that he tried to keep in touch w/ my Dad, but Dad didn't reciprocate. I'm so glad you found a sister.

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