Monday, December 28, 2009

Wrapping Up the Christmas Parties

Are you tired of Christmas pictures yet? If you are, don't worry, this will be the last post..I think. Can't promise anything.

On Christmas day afternoon, we went to my dad's and stepmoms gathering. I should've added those pictures with the last post, but that's okay. They had the biggest food setup and it was all so good. Someone smoked a turkey. YUM! We already ate all of our leftovers. Boo.

Care Bear quickly getting back into unwrapping gifts. She would pull the paper and say "ugh. ugh!" It was really funny.
Miss Priss got boots because Papa T's house always floods. lol! Now she can wear big ol boots like he does when they go to feed the horses.
Good gravy, that pile of presents is as tall as her. She tackled them with ease though.

In LOVE with this picture. They love eachother so much. I can't believe they both looked at me like they actually hugged for a picture. Awww.
Opening gifts at my grandma's on the day after Christmas. She bought a few gifts for them to keep at her house, which is a GREAT idea to ME! That means nothing to take home. ha!

Miss Priss wanted to wear her scarf and ear warmer so I clipped a Bow to the side of it. She didn't mind..until it got itchy.

Anyone notice that this girl is always eating? It keeps her entertained.
PlayDoh!! Man, that was a big hit. Glad it isn't coming to our house. {wink}
Me and CB trying to figure out MP's new laptop. I think CB likes it more than MP. They are so smart to know what a laptop is. {OH! See my new boots?! I bought them at Kohls on the early bird special that very morning! I used my Christmas money from my dad. They were regular $79 and I got them for $35.}

Me fake smiling it up. CB looking!
She got a CUTE Surprise Cabbage Patch baby from my BIL and his girlfriend. I'd never heard of these, but they're so cute. You take them out of the bundle and see what color diaper they have. Hers was BLUE!! His name is Leonard Kyree. Ha! Ha! I'll have to get a pic of him later.
So excited..or just being cheesy when I said to smile. She just HAD to wear her Christmas dress at least once. We never made it to Sears for pics this year :(
Wow! An art easel. She liked opening that one, but she hasn't played with it once.
That's the end of our party events. It was a long Christmas this year, but like I said before, much less stressful, which is always a plus. I stayed up last night putting up toys. The house looks much better and everything has found a place. Once again, Merry Christmas! Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve!
Oh and thank you for the advice on the blue mark on C's face! That totally makes sense. I'll be more careful with the red eye fixer next time.


Katy December 28, 2009 at 12:35 PM  

Cute Boots.
Happy New Year.

Jaimie December 28, 2009 at 1:33 PM  

Ugh, your girls are so dang cute!

House of Blues December 28, 2009 at 4:38 PM  

CUte pics! I wish I could just squeeze care bear she is so cute!! and konnor would love Cami Im sure. Love the boots!! I wish I could pull off boots outside my jeans, but Im too "hippy" I think (my hips are big I mean)...anyway, you look great! Merry Christmas!

Carrie77 December 28, 2009 at 8:45 PM  

Wow, Care Bear's hair is getting long, look at those beautiful piggy tails! I really like your new boots! I just ordered some Bearpaw ones off of And, Autumn got a surprise Cabbage Patch doll too, hers was a girl and we took her out of the little swaddle cabbage thingy and she has blonde curly hair. Too cute.

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